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The circumferential clearance in the flexible element( s) that is necessary to provide angular misalignment capability and assembly


Batch-lube gear coupling

A coupling designed to be lubricated by a periodically changed charge of grease or oil.



An adapter or adapter assembly used to mount the coupling components or coupling assembly on the mandrel


Bright Nitriding

Nitriding in a protective medium to prevent discoloration of the bright surface. Compare with blank nitriding .


Brine Quenching

A quench in which brine (salt water-chlorides, carbonates, and cyanides) is the quenching medium. The salt addition improves the efficiency of water at the vapor phase or hot stage of the quenching process.


Brittle Fracture

Separation of a solid accompanied by little or no macroscopic plastic deformation. Typically, brittle fracture occurs by rapid crack propagation with less expenditure of energy than for ductile fracture .


Blank Nitriding

Simulating the nitriding operation without introducing nitrogen. This is usually accomplished by using an inert material in place of the nitriding agent or by applying a suitable protective coating to the ferrous alloy.


Blue Annealing

Heating hot-rolled ferrous sheet in an open furnace to a temperature within the transformation range and then cooling in air, in order to soften the metal. The formation of a bluish oxide on the surface is incidental.


Blue Brittleness

Brittleness exhibited by some steels after being heated to some temperature within the range of about 205 to 370 C (400 to 700 F), particularly if the steel is worked at the elevated temperature. Killed steels are virtually free of this kind of brittleness.



Subjecting the scale-free surface of a ferrous alloy to the action of air, steam, or other agents at a suitable temperature, thus forming a thin blue film of oxide and improving the appearance and resistance to corrosion. Note: This term is ordinarily applied to sheet, strip, or finished parts. It is used also to denote the heating of springs after fabrication to improve their properties.


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