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Carbon Arc Gouging

A cutting process by which metals are melted by the heat of an arc using a carbon electrode. Molten metal is forced away from the cut by a blast of forced air.


Cerium Tungsten

GTAW tungsten electrode with small amount of the rare earth and nonradioactive ceria added. Improves arc starting and provides for use of wider current range.


Constant Current (CC) Welding Machine

These welding machines have limited maximum short circuit current. They have a negative volt-amp curve and are often referred to as “droopers”. The voltage will change with different arc lengths while only slightly varying the amperage, thus the name constant current or variable voltage.


Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Potential (CP) Welding Machine

Machine: “Potential” and “voltage” are basically the same in meaning. This type of welding machine output maintains a relatively stable, consistent voltage regardless of the amperage output. It results in a relatively flat volt-amp curve as opposed to the drooping volt-amp curve of a typical GTAW (TIG) welding machine.


Cardiac Stimulator

An electronic device (sometimes implanted in the subject) that supplies electric pulses to stimulate heart action. Also called DEFIBRILLATOR and PACEMAKER.


Cable Capacitance

Capacitance between conductors in a cable or between conductors and the outer sheath of a cable. 2. Sometimes, capacitance between a cable and earth.


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