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Free Ferrite

Ferrite that is formed directly from the decomposition of hypoeutectoid austenite during cooling, without the simultaneous formation of cementite. Also proeutectoid ferrite.


Full Annealing

An imprecise term that denotes an annealing cycle to produce minimum strength and hardness. For the term to be meaningful, the composition and starting condition of the material and the time-temperature cycle used must be stated.


Fit-Up - Welding

Often used to refer to the manner in which two members are brought together to be welded, such as the actual space or any clearance or alignment between two members to be welded. Proper fit-up is important if a good weld is to be made. Tacking, clamping or fixturing is often done to ensure proper fit-up. Where it applies, base metal must be beveled correctly and consistently. Also, any root openings or joint angles must be consistent for the entire length of a joint. An example of poor fit-up can be too large of a root opening in a V-groove butt weld.


Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)

An arc welding process which melts and joins metals by heating them with an arc between a continuous, consumable tubular electrode wire (consumable) and the workpiece. Shielding is obtained from a flux contained within the electrode’s tubular core. Depending upon the type of flux-cored wire, added shielding may or may not be provided from externally supplied gas or gas mixture.


Federal Communications Commission

Abbreviation, FCC. Established in 1934, the U.S. Government agency that regulates electronic communications. The FCC succeeded the Federal Radio Commission (FRC), which was established in 1927; the FRC succeeded the Radio Division of the Bureau of Navigation in the Department of Commerce, whose jurisdiction over radio began in 1912.


Feedback Capacitance

1. A capacitance through which feedback current is coupled from the output to the input of a circuit or system. 2. The interelectrode capacitance of a vacuum tube.


Facsimile Transmitter

The complete device or system that generates signals depicting graphic material (pictures, writing, printing, etc.) and sends them to a distant point via cable, wire lines, or radio for subsequent reproduction.


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