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Localized Precipitation

Precipitation from a supersaturated solid solution similar to continuous precipitation , except that the precipitate particles form at preferred locations, such as along slip planes, grain boundaries, or incoherent twin boundaries.


Laser Hardening

A surface-hardening process which uses a laser to quickly heat a surface. Heat conduction into the interior of the part will quickly cool the surface, leaving a shallow martensitic layer.


Latent Heat

Thermal energy absorbed or released when a substance undergoes a phase change.


Leidenfrost Phenomenon

Slow cooling rates associated with a hot vapor blanket that surrounds a part being quenched in a liquid medium such as water. The gaseous vapor envelope acts as an insulator, thus slowing the cooling rate.


Liquation Temperature

The lowest temperature at which partial melting can occur in an alloy that exhibits the greatest possible degree of segregation.


Liquid Carburizing

Surface hardening of steel by immersion into a molten bath consisting of cyanides and other salts



1. A relatively thin sheet of metal cut to a required shape to be stacked with other similar sheets to form a laminated core or pole. 2. A relatively thin sheet of plastic that is bonded together and heat-formed with other similar sheets to produce a sheet or piece of desired thickness and strength.


Laser Diode

A special form of semiconductor lightemitting diode (LED), usually of the galliumarsenide type, that emits coherent light when a voltage is applied to its terminals. Also see LASER.


Leakage Inductance

Self-inductance caused by LEAKAGE FLUX. Leakage inductance is effectively in series with the primary or secondary winding of a transformer.


Line Type Oscillator

A radio-frequency oscillator in which the tuned circuits are transmission lines consisting of parallel wires, rods, or tubing, or of coaxial cable sections.


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