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Maximum continuous rating (MCR)

A rating determined by the manufacturer to be the torque capacity at which the coupling can safely run continuously and have an acceptable design factor of safety.


Maximum continuous speed

The speed (in revolutions per minute) at least equal to 105% of the highest speed required by any of the specified operating conditions.


Machine rated speed

The highest rotational speed at which the machine rated torque is required to be transmitted continuously by the coupling


Machine rated torque (Tm)

The maximum continuous torque required to be transmitted by the coupling. Mean torque is the time-average torque over a few revolutions and does not include variations such as those associated with reciprocating machines.


Mandrel (Arbor)

A cylindrical part on which the coupling component or assembly is mounted for balancing.


Marine style coupling

A coupling whose external gear teeth are on the spacer and whose internal teeth are in the sleeves.


Maximum allowable (rated) speed

The highest speed (in revolutions per minute) at which the manufacturer’s design will permit continuous operation.



The ability of a solid to exist in two or more forms (crystal structures), but in which one form is the stable modification at all temperatures and pressures. Ferrite and martensite are a monotropic pair below Ac1 in steels, for example. May also be spelled monotrophism.


Martensitic Transformation

A reaction that takes place in some metals on cooling, with the formation of an acicular structure called martensite .


McQuaid-Ehn Test

A test to reveal grain size after heating into the austenitic temperature range. Eight standard McQuaid-Ehn grain sizes rate the structure, No. 8 being finest, No. 1 coarsest.


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