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Rigid hub

A hub that mounts on a shaft. Rigid hubs do not incorporate flexible elements.


Rigidifying hardware

Hardware used in balancing to make the coupling rigid and aligned with its designed rotating axis.


Root diameter

The diameter of the root circle of the internal gear teeth.


Rotary Retort Furnace

A continuous-type furnace in which the work advances by means of an internal spiral, which gives good control of the retention time within the heated chamber.



(1) A material of very high melting point with properties that make it suitable for such uses as furnace linings and kiln construction. (2) The quality of resisting heat.


Residual stress

An internal stress not depending on external forces resulting from such factors as cold working, phase changes, or temperature gradients.



A vessel used for distillation of volatile materials, as in separation of some metals and in destructive distillation of coal.


Reverberatory furnace

A furnace with a shallow hearth, usually nonregenerative, having a roof that deflects the flame and radiates heat toward the hearth or the surface of the charge.


Rockwell Hardness Test

An indentation hardness test based on the depth of penetration of a specified penetrator into the specimen under certain arbitrarily fixed conditions.



A phenomenon, associated with the transformation of gamma iron to alpha iron on the cooling (supercooling) of iron or steel, revealed by the brightening (reglowing) of the metal surface owing to the sudden increase in temperature caused by the fast liberation of the latent heat of transformation. Contrast with decalescence .


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