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New '4-D' transistor is preview of future computers
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - A new type of transistor shaped like a Christmas tree has arrived just in time for the holidays, but the prototype won't be nestled under the tree along with the other gifts.
Method to reduce power-plant emissions by more than 90 %
A new method for capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by power plants could reduce their CO2 emissions by more than 90 %, while utilizing less energy and incurring less expense than former approaches.
Improved durability for forging dies
Forging dies must withstand a lot. They must be hard so that their surface does not get too worn out and is able to last through great changes in temperature and handle the impactful blows of the forge.
Scotch tape finds new use as grasping 'smart material'
Scotch tape, a versatile household staple and a mainstay of holiday gift-wrapping, may have a new scientific application as a shape-changing "smart material."
Humanoid robots are focus of research at Purdue
Purdue University is participating in an international effort led by Drexel University to create robots that could respond to disasters, including those involving radioactive or bio-contamination hazards.
Optical hurricane on a chip
An international research group have demonstrated integrated arrays of emitters of so call 'optical vortex beams' onto a silicon chip.
Fuel cell breakthrough with organic catalysts
Organic catalysts are a breakthrough in the quest for inexpensive and efficient materials for environmentally friendly production of energy in fuel cells.
Black Silicon Solar Cells
Solar cells convert three-quarters of the energy contained in the Sun's spectrum into electricity - yet the infrared spectrum is entirely lost in standard solar cells.
Can Computers Understand Art?
Understanding and evaluating art has widely been considered as a task meant for humans, until now. Computer scientists Lior Shamir and Jane Tarakhovsky of Lawrence Technological University in Michigan tackled the question "can machines understand art?"
Solar Cell Production Method Improved
The competition in the photovoltaics market is fierce. When it comes to price, Asian manufacturers are frequently ahead of the competition by a nose.

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