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Converting rotten veggies into methane fuel
Mushy tomatoes, brown bananas and overripe cherries to date, waste from wholesale markets has ended up on the compost heap at best. In future it will be put to better use: Researchers have developed a new facility that ferments this waste to make methane, which can be used to power vehicles.
Sensors help spacecraft to be positioned with pinpoint accuracy.
Spacecraft must operate with utmost precision when conducting landing maneuvers on other planets, or docking to a space station. To ensure they do not drift off course, imaging sensors collect a flood of data that are analyzed in real time.
ORNL microscopy reveals 'atomic antenna' behavior in graphene
Atomic-level defects in graphene could be a path forward to smaller and faster electronic devices, according to a study led by researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Robot travels and maps uncharted terrain
Researchers have now developed a mobile robot that can roam uncharted terrain and simultaneously map it - all thanks to an algorithm toolbox.
Detecting pedestrians from within the car
A team of German researchers, with the help of a lecturer at the University of Alcala (UAH, Spain), has developed a system that locates pedestrians in front of the vehicle using artificial vision.
Reducing power consumption of microprocessors
The first systematic power profiles of microprocessors could help lower the energy consumption of both small cell phones and giant data centers, report computer science professors from The University of Texas at Austin and the Australian National University.
World's Longest Superconductor Cable
The longest superconductor cable installation in the world.
Robotic assistant for patients suffering from stroke
Robotic physical theropy assistant help to rehabilitate stoke patients.
Story Tips Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Story Tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, January 2012
New technology for optical data processing
Researchers have created a new type of optical device small enough to fit millions on a computer chip that could lead to faster, more powerful information processing and supercomputers.

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