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New Artificial Intelligence technique to speed planning phase
Researchers have developed a new methodology to solve automated planning problems, an area of AI, especially when there are more objectives than it is possible to achieve in the available time.
Microtweezers may build tiny 'MEMS' structures
Purdue researchers have created a new type of microtweezers capable of manipulating objects to build tiny structures, print coatings to make advanced sensors, and grab and position live stem cell spheres for research.
Random stacked graphene create chemical sensor.
Scientists from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the company Dioxide Materials have demonstrated that randomly stacked graphene flakes can make an effective chemical sensor.
Research proves nanoscale metallic conductivity in ferroelectrics
The prospect of electronics at the nanoscale may be even more promising with the first observation of metallic conductance in ferroelectric nanodomains by researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
High-speed CMOS sensors for better images
Conventional CMOS image sensors are not suitable for low-light applications such as fluorescence, since large pixels arranged in a matrix do not support high readout speeds. A new optoelectronic component speeds up this process.
Researchers developing material for thermonuclear fusion reactors
Scientists at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), Oxford University (United Kingdom) and the University of Michigan (USA) have joined efforts to develop new materials for thermonuclear fusion reactors.
Organic film food coatings
Convenience foods are growing in popularity, and the food they contain is usually protected by films based on petrochemicals. Now researchers have not only developed a biomaterial from whey protein, they have also come up with a commercially viable method of producing multifunctional films on an industrial scale.
A More Profitable Plastics Industry - Engineers Edge
Hot Runner wiring solutions for higher productivity and lower costs
Controlling graphene edges give the material desirable qualities
Researchers simulations show carbon sheets tear along energetically favorable lines.
Optical Data Processing
Researchers have created a new type of optical device small enough to fit millions on a computer chip that could lead to faster, more powerful information processing and supercomputers.

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