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A smarter, better managed factory
The time it takes for new products to come to market is getting ever shorter. As a consequence, goods are being produced using manufacturing facilities and IT systems that were designed with completely different models in mind. Fraunhofer developers want to make factories smarter so they can react to changes of their own accord.
Microlenses for 3-D endoscopes
Modern endoscopic techniques enable doctors to perform surgery without major incisions. Certain interventions require instruments with special 3-D optics. Researchers have developed an image sensor that transmits perfect 3-D images from inside the human body thanks to the use of microlenses.
'Mirage-effect' helps researchers cloak objects
Researchers have created a functional cloaking device that not only takes advantage of one of nature's most bizarre phenomenon, but also boasts unique features; it has an "on and off" switch and is best used underwater.
New Method to Stop Steel From Oxidizing
Research which looks at how application of electromagnetic fields (EMF) of high intensity to steel can protect against corrosion and make savings of 50 percent is being carried out by researchers at the University of Hertfordshire.
High-gloss surface finish produced by laser
At present, manufactured components such as tool and die's have to be painstakingly polished by hand to achieve the hgh surface finish requirements of the as-manufactured parts, such as plastic injection moldings – but a recently developed automated process could soon offer a much faster solution.
Electromobility: New Components Going for a Test Run
The future belongs to electrical cars – that’s what most experts think. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of problems that have not been solved.
Robots are coming to aircraft assembly
Up to now, aircraft have been put together in huge assembly cells, but to build the necessary facilities is expensive and time-consuming. That is why Fraunhofer researchers have come up with a flexible assembly-line concept that features robots working in the same way they do in automotive production.
Printable transistor that is fast!
A fully functional, fast switching and printable transistor in cheap plastic is invented by researcher Lars Herlogsson, Linkoping University in Sweden.
Wireless security system for windows - no batteries
Window contacts tell us which of a house’s windows are open or closed. Researchers have now developed a fail-safe system that is particularly easy to use and needs no wiring or batteries. The sensors harvest the energy they need to run from ambient radio signals.
Crash-safe batteries for electric cars
Everyone is talking about electric drives, and the scientists from Fraunhofer are also working on them. Engineers have replaced a battery box for lithium-ion batteries with a lightweight component. Not only does the housing save weight and sustain no damage in an accident – for the first time ever, it can also be mass-produced.

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