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Crash-safe batteries for electric cars
Everyone is talking about electric drives, and the scientists from Fraunhofer are also working on them. Engineers have replaced a battery box for lithium-ion batteries with a lightweight component. Not only does the housing save weight and sustain no damage in an accident – for the first time ever, it can also be mass-produced.
3D television without the glasses
When the boundaries merge between the action and the viewer, television becomes a special experience. Fraunhofer research scientists are optimizing the technologies that make it possible to watch TV in 3D without technical aids such as 3D glasses. A new four-camera system will even be able to handle live transmissions.
Engineering parts based on nature
They are lightweight and yet strong and resilient: straw, bamboo, bones and teeth owe their surprising strength to their cleverly designed internal structures and a judicious combination of materials.
The ultimate internet on your television
Your dream car cruises over your television screen in an advertisement and one click transforms your TV into a virtual car dealership. You see price lists, contact data and a model of the car that customers can vary as they like.
Manufacturing high quality nanowire solar cells
Researchers have developed a solution-based technique for fabricating core/shell nanowire solar cells using the semiconductors cadmium sulfide for the core and copper sulfide for the shell. These inexpensive and easy-to-make nanowire solar cells hold great promise for future solar cell technology.
Hydrogen powered prototype boat for inland waterways
One of the most efficient means of transporting freight is by ship. However, many of the ships sailing today are powered by ageing diesel motors fitted with neither exhaust cleaning equipment nor or modern control systems.
Miniature oxygen generators improve anticancer treatment
Researchers have created and tested a miniature device, seen here, that can be implanted in tumors to generate oxygen, boosting the killing power of radiation and chemotherapy.
Software acts as Cameraman
It’s not the camera that makes the picture, but the cameraman. Now, it can be creatively reworked after taking the picture with software by changing the depth of field and angle of view.
4-D microscope?
New microscope might see beneath skin - in 4 dimensions, other devices can take 3-D pictures of tissue below the surface of skin, but this new microscope adds an extra dimension: a spectroscopic "fingerprint" that measures the wavelength (or color) of light reflected off each point within a sample in a single snapshot.
Researchers discovery turns seaweed into biofuel in half the time
University of Illinois scientists have engineered a new strain of yeast that converts seaweed into biofuel in half the time it took just months ago.

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