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Wireless security made simple
MIT researchers have demonstrated the first wireless security scheme that can protect against "man-in-the-middle" attacks -- but doesn't require a password.
Strain & stress sensor changes color
Having a bit of warning before a structural system fails, could be really helpful. However, when the system is only a few nanoinches big, having a sign that's easy to read can be a challenge.
Lessons Learned from the Two Worst Oils Spills in U.S. History
One year after the notorious BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and two decades after the Exxon Valdez spill in Prince William Sound off the coast of Alaska the scientific lesson is clear – microbes matter!
New organic semiconductor material for flexible displays
A team of researchers has not only created a new material for high-speed organic semiconductors, it has come up with a new approach that can take months, even years, off the development timeline.
Detecting trace amounts of explosive vapors
Researchers have designed an ultra-portable device to detect trace amounts of explosives such as TNT. The prototype is sensitive and inexpensive, and may one day be adapted to help clear dangerous landmines.
Ultra-low-energy computing via spintronics and straintronics
A new type of integrated circuit may be so energy efficient that it could run simply by harvesting energy from the environment.
Better, Faster, Cheaper - More Sun Energy
The change in energy policy has been decided; Germany and the rest of the world needs more green energy. From September 5-9 in Hamburg, everything will revolve around our biggest energy supplier: the sun.
Faster optoelectronics may be achievable with new technology
The steady improvement in speed and power of modern electronics may soon hit the brakes unless new ways are found to pack more structures into microscopic spaces. To do this, researchers are looking into precisely steering, in real time, a curve-shaped beam of weird "virtual particles" known as surface plasmons.
Feasible quantum-computer microchips
Two completely different quantum systems were successfully joined at Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna). This should pave the way to feasible quantum-computer microchips.
Solar Energy Installation Concept Creates both Electricity and Hydrogen
While many across the world sport photovoltaic solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, a Duke University engineer believes a novel hybrid system can wring even more useful energy out of the sun's rays.

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