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Novel metamaterial sensor provides bigger picture
Duke University engineers have developed a novel sensor that is more efficient, versatile and cheaper for potential use in such applications as airport security scanners and collision avoidance systems for aircraft, cars or maritime vessels.
Surgeons using hand gestures to manipulate MRI images in Operating Room
Doctors may soon be using a system in the operating room that recognizes hand gestures as commands to tell a computer to browse and display medical images of the patient during a surgery.
New potential for organic solar cells uncovered at Berkeley Lab's advanced light source
Why are efficient and affordable solar cells so highly coveted? Volume.
3-D color X-Ray imaging radically improved for identifying contraband, corrosion or cancer
Scientists at The University of Manchester have developed a camera that can be used to take powerful three dimensional colour X-ray images, in near real-time, without the need for a synchrotron X-ray source.
Glass's extraordinary engineered properties
Technologically valuable ultrastable glasses can be produced in days or hours with properties corresponding to those that have been aged for thousands of years, computational and laboratory studies have confirmed.
Liquid Jets and Bouncing Balls Combine for Surprising Results
A new study published in the American Institute of Physics' (AIP) journal Physics of Fluids reveals that the normal rebounding of a ball changes when it is partially filled with a liquid.
Longer battery life for electric locomotive
Norfolk Southern Railway No. 999 is the first all-electric, battery-powered locomotive in the United States. But when one of the thousand lead-acid batteries that power it dies, the locomotive shuts down.
Record-setting p-type transistor Design
New design for a basic component of all computer chips boasts the highest 'carry mobility' yet measured
Turning smartphones into secure and versatile keys
It's already possible to open doors using an app but we are a long way from seeing widespread acceptance of this in the market. Now, researchers have developed a piece of software that will make the technology even more secure and versatile.
Two Mastered CT Scans reveal Chemo-Killing of Liver Tumors in Real Time
Using two successive pairs of specialized CT scans, a team of Johns Hopkins and Dutch radiologists has produced real-time images of liver tumors dying from direct injection of anticancer drugs into the tumors and their surrounding blood vessels.

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