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Engineering Design for Manufacturability
This engineering design reference book provides an overview of manufacturing processes, application, design considerations, required features, and achievable mechanical tolerances for selected manufacturing processes. This book has been written exclusively for engineers, designers, and others seeking to create designs with manufacturability in mind.

Geometric Boundaries, The Interpretation and Application of GD&T ASME Y14.5-2009
This invaluable reference and training book explains the symbology, interpretation and application of GD&T geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. This book is perfect for individuals new and experienced in understanding and applying the principles of geometric tolerance product specification. It shows how to break down the language of geometric product definition into a series of steps that consists of the significant questions and answers at any point in the product definition, manufacturing and tolerance verification. Each module is designed to elicit a response based on functionality, cost effectiveness, producibility, ease of inspection, and many other factors that must be considered to optimize the dimensioning and tolerancing method. Written and edited by Kelly Bramble

Design for Manufacturing and Processing
Engineers Edge design for manufacturing and processing menu. Resources include Drill sizes, Knurl specification, extrusion design, etc..

Design for Manufacturing DFM
DFM overview and recomendations mechanical engineering.

EDM - Electode Discharge Machine Design Guide
Engineers Edge EDM design guide and recomendations

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