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ANSI Hardware Design Guide and Charts

Description: ANSI Hardware Design Guide and Charts - ANSI Hardware Documents List Hardware Design Information Misc. Acorn High Button Head Rivet, ANSI Screw and Nut Threads Size Chart, Bolt / Stud Tensioners, Button Head Solid Rivet, Clevis Pin, Cone Head Rivet, Cotter Pin, Flat Countersunk Head Rivet, Flat Head Screw, Flat Washers, Heavy Nut, Heavy Slotted Nut, Hex Bolt Identification, Hex Nut, Hex Screw, Internal and External Thread Classes, Oval Countersunk Head Rivet, Pan Head Rivet, Phillips Flat Head, Phillips Pan Head, Plain Socket Head, Roll (Spring) Pin, Split Lock Washer, Slotted Hex Nut, Slotted Pan Head, Square Nut, Strength Specifications for Bolts, Woodruff Keys,