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Category: Motion Controls

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Micro Linear Actuators - Actuonix Motion Devices

Actuonix Motion Devices
580 Starling Lane
Victoria V9E2A9
Ph: 888 225-9198
Fax 206 347-9684

Description: Micro Linear Actuators and Linear Servos for RC, Robotics, Lego NXT and Consumer Devices

Actuonix’s innovative line of micro linear actuators and Linear Servos will drive a new generation of compact robots, R/C models, and motion-enabled consumer products.

These linear actuators are designed to save product designers the difficulties of engineering a linear stage from large and awkward motors, servos, gears and rods. Linear Servos are a plug and play replacement for standard R/C servos.

Actuonix Motion Devices products help OEM companies meet the challenge of designing motion-enabled products in continually shrinking sizes and shapes.

R&D continues at Actuonix to develop smaller and more cost effective linear motion solutions for the next generation of automation.

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