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Design for Manufacturability DFM Training - Engineers Edge

Description: Design for manufacturing (DFM) training for engineers, designers, drafters, procurement professionals. Concurrent engineering and design, Design for high volume manufacturing, Design for low volume manufacturing, Mechanical dimensions and tolerances, Surface roughness, Cleaning processes, Coatings and Platings, Marking and Identification, Materials and machinability, Milling manufacturing, Turning manufacturing, Sawing and cutoff, Drilling and reaming, Boring, Honing, Trepanning, Gun Drilling and reaming, Ejector drilling, Threading, Hobbing, Surface grinding (center, centerless, in-feed), Electrical discharge machining (EDM), Casting (ferrous and non-ferrous, sand, cold-cure, lost foam, green sand, Investment casting, Die casting, Forging, Extrusion, Electroforming, Rapid prototype, Injection molding plastics, Stamping and forming, sheet metal, Progressive stamping, deep drawing, Spinning (spun) manufacturing, Abrasive water jet, Design for welding, Design for corrosion, Inspection and quality, Engineering drawings and manufacturing, Computer aided design (CAD) and manufacturability, Design for assembly (DFA), Design for maintainability