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Vibration and Shock Load Excel Spreadsheet Calculator

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The inertia forces of rotating and oscillating machinery cause elastic supports to vibrate. Vibration amplitudes can be reduced by installing vibration damping mounting pads or springs.


  • Simple Vibrating Systems Calculations
  • Undamped Vibrations Calculations
  • Forced Un-Damped Vibrations Calculations
  • Damped, (Viscous) Forced Vibrations v
  • Critical Damping Calculations
  • Transmissibility (TR) v
  • Series Springs Combined Stiffness Calculations
  • Parallel Springs Combined Stiffness Calculations
  • Critical Speed of Rotating Shaft Calculations
  • Beam Stiffness (k), Deflection (x), and Natural Frequency ( f ) Calculations
  • Plate Natural Frequency (f) Calculations
  • Rectangular Plate Natural Frequency (f) Calculations
  • Circular Plate Natural Frequency (f) Calculations
  • Balancing Rotating Shafts Calculations
  • Masses in Different Planes Calculations
  • Forced, Steady State Vibration Example Calculations
  • Vertical Vibration Damper Selection Calculations
  • Vibration Isolator Selection Calculations
  • Vibration Isolator Vendors v
  • Shock Loads Calculations
  • Free Fall Impact Shock Calculations
  • Shock Impulse Deflection Calculations
  • General Math Tools and Calculations


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