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MOSFET Spice Parameters Spreadsheet Calculator

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MOSFET Spice Parameters Spreadsheet Calculator


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This spreadsheet calculates nmos or pmos level one, three and BSIM3 SPICE parameters from details known about the process parameters, device layout and fabrication history. Level one spice parameters assume mobility is a function of total impurity concentration and temperature only. Level one uses the parameter LAMBDA for channel length modulation. Different equations are used to calculate Ids in the saturation and non-saturation regions of operation.

The level three SPICE model is derived from the level one model with some additional parameters to better account for the decrease in carrier mobility for high vertical and lateral electric fields. The level three model also allows the user to account for narrow channel effects, drain induced barrier lowering (DIBL), and gives better sub threshold characteristics. For example the parameter LAMBDA is replaced by a more complex model using the parameter VMAX and KAPPA. The low field mobility value UO is modified for high gate electric fields with parameter THETA and modified for high lateral electric fields through the VMAX parameter. Different equations are used to calculate Ids in the saturation, non-saturation and subthreshold regions of operation.

The BSM3 SPICE parameters are derived from the level one and three parameters. BSIM models have hundreds of parameters used to fully describe DC and AC deivce operation, temperature effects, noise, stress effects and more. Most of the parameters can only be determined from measured device performance. In this spreadsheet the BSIM3 parameters are derived from level one and level three parameters. All other parameters are not specified and the default values are invoked. The single equation for Ids is used that is valid in saturation, non-saturation and subthreshold regions of operation, making convergence during circuit simulation more reliable.

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