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    Drain Diaphragm Design Excel Spreadsheet
    Drain Diaphragm Design Excel Spreadsheet. Calculates the size and placement of a filter diaphragm for pipes through dams. Includes a Help tab.
    Natural Channel Flow Excel Spreadsheet Calculator
    Natural Channel Flow Excel Spreadsheet Calculator. Calculates the flow capacity of a stream which varies in roughness across its profile. Up to 24 different sets of cross section data can be entered. Includes a Help tab.
    Vortex Panel Method for a 2D Airfoil
    Excel calculator using vortex panel method for a 2D airfoil. The algorithm is from Kuethe and Chow, Foundations of Aerodynamics, 4th Edition, Wiley (1986).
    Oblique Planar Shocks Excel Spreadsheet
    Two-dimensional, oblique shocks. The user must be willing to learn Excel’s Solver Add-in in order to use it! It is set so that the user can easily input the upstream Mach number and turn angle. Using the Solver constraints the user can solve for either the strong (M2 <1) or weak (M2 >1) solution.
    Compressible Flow of an Ideal Gas
    1-D, compressible flow functions for a perfect gas. There are four worksheets.
    Grid Generation Excel Spreadsheet Calculator
    Elliptic grid generation for a converging-diverging nozzle.
    Projectile Motion Calculator and Graph
    Projectile Motion Calculator and Graph - Trajectory of a spherical projectile with fluid drag included.
    Advection of a Passive Scalar in One and Two Dimensions
    This workbook is intended for use as demonstrations in an introductory course in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer at the introductory graduate and advanced undergraduate level.port (FCT) and Total Variation Diminishing (TVD).
    Interation Demonstrations Spreadsheet
    This workbook includes three separate demonstrations of Gauss-Seidel (Liebmann) iteration for the solution of systems of linear equations.
    Solution of Blasius Equation
    This workbook performs a numerical solution of the Blasius equation for flow in a laminar, self-similar, flat plate boundary layer.
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