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Membrane Filters also called "Microporous Filters", are used within fluid systems to trap or retain micro particles and microorganisms, which are larger than the membrane filters filtration gap size. These filters have extremely small filtration gap sizes, along the order of 0.08 to 6 micrometer in size.

Membrane filters are constructed in very thin layers from polymers and other advanced synthetic materials. Membrane filter thickness varies from 100 to 300 micro-meters. Most are designed and manufactured with approximately 70 to 90 percent porosity. The porosity is normally specified by the filter manufacturer and effectively controls the fluid flow rate and particle capture size. Porosity and effective filtration area should be matched for absorption, flow requirements, and medium binding requirements.

Membrane filters are used within industry, science and research for a variety of applications. Some applications are:

  • Water recovery and recycle
  • Fluid and water purification
  • Capture and recovery of fluid suspended products (biological, minerals,etc.)
  • Desalination of water

Membrane filters are available in standard and custom sizes, shapes and materials. Some common materials used are; MCE (nitrocellulose), Cellulose Acetate, Coated PTFE (Teflon), Hydrophobic PTFE, Nylon, polycarbonate, Glass. Many membrane filters are placed within a autoclave for sterilization and post filtration processing. Filter material compatibility target and application of filter micro particles should be reviewed.

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