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Electroplating Thickness Recommendation Chart Table

Engineering Finishing Specifications

Recommended Minimum Thicknesses for Nickel or Chromium Finishes on Steel, Iron, and Zinc Products

Minimum thickness

Service conditions Nickel Chromium Typical applications
Exposure indoors in normally warm, dry atmospheres with coating subject to minimum wear or abrasion Moderate: exposure indoors in places where condensation of moisture may occur, for example, in kitchens and bathrooms 10 m (0.0004 in) 15–20 m (0.0006– 0.0008 in) 0.13–0.8 m (0.000005– 0.00003 in) 0.25–8 m (0.00001– 0.00032 in) Toaster bodies, rotisseries, waffle bakers, oven doors and liners, interior automobile hardware, trim for major appliances, hair dryers, fans, inexpensive utensils, coat and luggage racks, standing ashtrays, interior trash containers, light fixtures Steel and iron: stove tops, oven liners, home, office, and school furniture, bar stools, golf-club shafts Zinc alloys: bathroom accessories, cabinet hardware

Source: From Quality Metal Finishing Guide, Metal Finishing Suppliers' Association.


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