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Non-stick coatings are surface coatings engineered to reduce the ability of other materials to stick to it. A non-stick coating may be applied to a substrate to produce such a surface.

One common application of non-stick coatings is cookware. Until recently PTFE dominated this market; however, due to health concerns regarding both the material (see Polymer fume fever) and its processing and application (see below regarding PFOA) its use has declined in recent years. Other coatings, including anodized aluminum and ceramics have become popular.

Non-Stick coatings are used throughout industry and consumers products. Most notable consumer product is non-stick cookware. 

Non-stick coatings have varying qualities, and temperature resistance before breaking down. Non-stick coatings advantages include considerable ease in cleaning and require less grease during cooking. Disadvantages of non-stick coatings on cookware is that they may be easily damaged by metal cooking tools, such as, spatulas, spoons, forks, etc.Even the most advanced non-stick coatings begin to lose their resistance to sticking after only a few years; the non-stick coating will rapidly loose effectiveness if the cooking pan is constantly overheated or cleaned with harsh detergents. 

PTFE and similar compounds Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a synthetic fluoropolymer used in various applications including non-stick coatings. Originally developed by a DuPont-General Motors joint venture, There are many manufacturerd producing PTFE compounds undervarious other names.

Processing of PTFE in the past used to include Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) as an emulsifier, however PFOA is a persistent organic pollutant and poses both environmental and health concerns, and is now being phased out of use in PTFE processing.

Non-PTFE compounds: Non-PTFE compounds are often based on Sol-gel technologies and marketed as "ceramic coatings".