Restrictions on the Simplified Bernoulli

Restrictions on the Simplified Bernoulli

Practical applications of the simplified Bernoulli Equation to real piping systems is not possible due to two restrictions. One serious restriction of the Bernoulli equation in its present form is that no fluid friction is allowed in solving piping problems. However, in reality, the total head possessed by the fluid cannot be transferred completely from one point to another because of friction. Taking these losses of head into account would provide a much more accurate description of what takes place physically. This is especially true because one purpose of a pump in a fluid system is to overcome the losses in pressure due to pipe friction.

The second restriction on Bernoullis equation is that no work is allowed to be done on or by the fluid. This restriction prevents two points in a fluid stream from being analyzed if a pump exists between the two points. Since most flow systems include pumps, this is a significant limitation. Fortunately, the simplified Bernoulli equation can be modified in a manner that satisfactorily deals with both head losses and pump work.

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