Self Tapping Screw Pull-Out and Torque Calculator

ANSI Mechanical Hardware | Bolt Screw Torque and Force Design

This calculator tool will determine the pull out force and stripping torque for self tapping screws.

To see the equation behind his calculator, visit:
Self Tapping Screw Pull-Out and Torque Equations

Design Variables
Material Tensile Stress (St) [psi] =
Pitch Diameter (Dp) [in] =
Pitch Radius (r) [inches] =
Thread engagement (L) [inches] =
Threads per [inch] =
Reciprocal of threads per inch (1/tpi = p) =
coefficient of friction (f) =
Thread Shear Area (A) [in2] = 
Shear Stress (Ss) [psi] = 
Pull-out Axial Force (f) [lbs] = 
Stripping Torque (T) [in-lbs] =
Pull-out Torque [ft-lbs] =  

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