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    Fuel Gas and Heating Values
    Natural gas, LPG, and propane are commonly used fuel gases. LPG is a mixture of propane and butane. It is generally transported and stored in liquid form.
    Minimum Duct Insulation R-Value
    Thermal insulation is commonly used to reduce energy consumption of HVAC systems and equipment. Minimum insulation levels for ductwork and piping are often dictated by energy codes, many of which are based on ASHRAE Standards
    Grashof Number (GR)
    The Grashof number is used to determine the heat transfer coefficient under free convection conditions. It is basically a ratio between the buoyancy forces and viscous forces.
    Water Vapor Released by Humans
    Water Vapor Released by Human Activity and Plants Estimating moisture loads requires knowledge of occupancy patterns and releases per individual, activity, plant, and water surface present
    Anti Freeze Freezing Boil Temperatures
    Anti Freeze Ethylene Glycol Freezing and Boil Temperatures. Anti Freeze ( ethylene glycol and propylene glycol ), when not diluted with water, are actually less corrosive than water is with common construction metals.
    Convective Heat Gain Electric Appliances
    Convective Heat Gain from Unhooded Electric Appliances During Idle (Ready-to-Cook) Conditions
    Heat Loss from Bare Copper Tube
    Heat Loss from Bare Copper Tube to Still Air at 80°F, Btu/h· ft
    Heat Loss from Bare Steel Pipe
    Heat Loss from Bare Steel Pipe to Still Air at 80°F, Btu/h· ft
    Fourier's Law for Insulation Formula
    Steady state, one-dimensional heat flow through insulation systems is governed by Fourier’s law
    Emittance of Commonly Used Materials
    Thermal emittance refers to the ability of a material to radiate the heat that it absorbs. It is described through a number varying between 0 and 1, representing the comparative/relative emittance with respect to a blackbody operating in similar conditions.
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