Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient Across Heat Exchanger Tubes Equation

Heat Transfer Engineering

When dealing with heat transfer across heat exchanger tubes, an overall heat transfer coefficient, Uo , must be calculated. Earlier in this module we looked at a method for calculating Uo for both rectangular and cylindrical coordinates. Since the thickness of a condenser tube wall is so small and the cross-sectional area for heat transfer is relatively constant, we can use equation below to calculate Uo .

Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient Formula


Referring to the convection section of this manual, calculate the heat rate per foot of tube from a condenser under the following conditions. Δt = 232 deg F. The outer lm diameter of the copper condenser tube is 0.75 in. with a wall thickness of 0.1 in. Assume the inner convective heat transfer coefficient is 2000 Btu/hr-ft2 -(deg) F, and the thermal conductivity of copper is 200 Btu/hr-ft-EF. The outer convective heat transfer coefficient is 1500 Btu/hr-ft -(deg) F.

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