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Pinch Valve Review

A pinch valve is an hydraulic, pnuematic or industrial pipe valve having a full or partially restricted port control valve for flow passage control. Pinch valves typically have a device being rigid, semi-rigid or non-rigid that can be positioned or distorted to restrict flow through the valve.

Pinch valve are designed and manufactured with a body, sleeve or other medium and mechanism to operate the pinch action. Pinch valves are often used on-off and throttling industrial applications.These applications include: handling of slurries, liquids with large amounts of suspended solids, and systems that convey solids pneumatically or hydrualically. Because the operating mechanism is typically isolated from the fluid, these valves also find application where corrosion or metal contamination of the fluid might be a problem. The pinch valve generally uses a sleeve molded of rubber or other synthetic material and a pinching mechanism. All of the operating portions are completely external to the valve. The molded sleeve is referred to as the valve body.

Pinch valve bodies are manufactured in a variety of materials, some include steel, aluminum, magnesium, inconel, natural and synthetic elastomers and plastics which have good abrasion resistance properties. These properties permit little damage to the valve pinching mechanism, thereby providing virtually unimpeded flow.

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