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Industrial Chillers Review

Industrial Chillers are employed to provide a continuous flow of fluid for the removal of heat energy for manufacturing, construction, testing, and other industrial processes. For heat transfer, industrial chillers may use water, air, refrigerants, or other combinations of medians.

Industrial chillers are available in a variety of configurations. Custom, and standard industrial chiller products are readily available. Most chillers are closed loop systems that included a evaporator, condenser, pump, storage tank, and the required mechanical connections. Industrial chiller systems also include electronic control systems and system safety sensors. Safety sensors may sense temperature, pressure, flow and other critical systems parameters.

Chillers may also be open loop. Open loop industrial chillers typically use water water for heat transfer. The chiller utilizes sensors to control water coolant flow. A open loop system may re-circulate cooling fluid from a storage tank. The storage tank typically captures and facilitates cooling of the fluid during the manufacturing operation. sensors are used to control the fluid delivery rate based on active temperature and cooling demand.

Industries which typically use chillers are: Plastic injection molding, blow molding, heat treatment, metal casting, blow molding, welding, vacuum systems, X-ray diffraction, power supplies, semiconductor manufacturing, metal and plastic extrusion, brazing, and compressed air cooling,many more.

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