Linear Stages Review

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Linear Stages Review

Linear Stages are precision motion devices that consist of a base that is mounted on linear slides. The base is driven or moved linearly along the slides either by precision manual positioners or electronic/electric controlled positioners. Linear stages are single axis positioning devices. Linear stages may be positioned with an accuracy of 0.025 micro-meters or better and total distance travel of up to one meter or more. Some manufacturers allow for the stacking of their linear stages to create a x-y stage or two axis stage.

Linear stages are selected or specified on the following:

  • Travel or distance required in each required axis.
  • Manual, electronic or CNC controlled
  • Mounting or positioning bed size requirements
  • Mass supported requirements.
  • Position accuracy
  • Dynamic load capacity
  • Maximum linear velocity required.
  • Positioning resolution

Typical applications for linear stages are semiconductor manufacturing, electronics pwb (pcb) manufacturing, machining and others applications requiring high precision positioning in one axis.

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