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Sideloader Equipment Review

Sideloader Forklifts are forklifts fitted with the lifting forks perpendicular to the drive direction of the forklift. By configuring the forks perpendicular to the drive direction this allows the forklift to operate in close spaced isles. Sideloader forklifts normally are capable of extending the forks with a scissor like action to place the load on to the storage space.

The lifting mechanisms are provided as hydraulic, pneumatic, electric or mechanically operated. Side-loader forklifts can be either man-up or man-down configurations. The man-up version has the advantage of locating the operator close to the load. One of the main advantages of a side-loader fork lift is that storage area requirements are reduced because forklift can travel, load and unload within much narrower aisles. This is facilitated by the fork lifts ability to extend and retract the lifting forks perpendicular to the forward and reverse drive line of the forklift.

Side loader forklifts are available in diesel, gas or electric power.

Courtesy Combilift

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