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Solar Battery Enclosures Review

Solar Battery Enclosures are designed to accommodate batteries utilized within solar poser systems, provide protection from accidental injury, and control the introduction of undesired envoronmental contaminants, such as water, dirt, dust and foliage, and allow the escape of potentially harmfull fumes produced by the batteries. Solar battery enclosures applications within the United States may be regulated or specified by federal, state, or local authorities with respect to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association or NEMA standards. NEMA is an industry recognized organization that hosts the development, publication and recommendations for the safety standards, performance, different classes, corrosion resistance, ability to protect from submersion and rain.of electrical equipment. For countries that are members of International Electrotechnical Commission or IEC, designers are directed use their applicable standards for classifying and specifying the requirements and protection ratings required for traffic control and other utility enclosures.

Solar battery enclosures are often fabricated from from rigid polymers (plastics), ferrous and non-ferrous metals, natural or chemically processed wood. Regional or local climate will affect the desired specifications requirements.

When local or state regulations are not available or specified for a solar battery enclosures, NEMA or IEC enclosures specifications should be followed.


Courtesy Bison Profab

Courtesy Bison Profab

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