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3D Laser Scanning is used in numerous applications: industrial, architectural, civil surveying, urban topography, mining, reverse engineering, quality, archaeology, dentistry, reverse engineering, and mechanical dimensional inspection are just a few of the versatile applications.

3D laser scanning technology allows for high resolution and dramatically faster 3d digitizing over other conventional metrology technologies and techniques. Some very exciting applications are animation and virtual reality applications. A virtual reality application may be employed to create a three dimensional virtual space from an existing architecture. The virtual reality space may then be used in computer simulations of various desired activities. Such activities could include a workflow or manufacturing line simulation. The 3d virtual space may be used for entertainment, such as animation or a movie action scene simulation, keeping even the stunt professions safe from harm.

Transportation applications, such as a accident investigation. The scene of the accident could be 3D laser digitized, and a simulation of an actual accident event or "what if" scenarios explored.

A practical mechanical and civil engineering application would be to assist in the production of "as built" data and documentation. Currently, many manufacturing or construction activities are documented after the actual assembly of a machine or civil project by a designer or engineering professional. 3D laser scanners could expedite this activity to reduce man-hours required to fully document an installation for legacy.

Laser scanning can also be a excellent method to document a rebar installation for inspection requirements. Other civil activities could be for a roadway periodic inspection. The digitized roadway data could be contrasted to previous roadway 3D scans to predict rate of deterioration. This data could be very helpful in estimating roadway repair or replacement costing information.

When personnel accessibility and/or safety concerns prevent a standard survey,3D laser scanning could provide an excellent alternative. 3D Laser scanning has been used to perform accurate and efficient as-built surveys and before-and after construction and leveling surveys.

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