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Electrical Capacitance Equations Formulae

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The following are Electrical Capacitance equations for various configurations.

Capacitors C = Q/V [F] (Farads)
Capacitor in Series
Capacitors in Parallel
Charging a Capacitor
Discharging a
Capacitance of a
Parallel-plate Capacitor
Isolated Sphere
Energy stored in a charged capacitor
If the capacitor is isolated
If the capacitor is connected to a battery
For R C circuits Charging a capacitor
Discharging a capacitor
  1. If the capacitor is isolated, the presence of the dielectric decreases the potential difference between the plates.
  2. If the capacitor is connected to a battery, the presence of the dielectric increases the charge stored in the capacitor.
  3. The introduction of the dielectric increases the capacitance of the capacitor

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