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Power Resistors are resistors which are capable of handling a lot of power, as their name implies. They are designed and manufactured to handle more power with respect to their size than other resistors types. Power resistors are manufactured in a variety of configurations. Some of power resistors are free wound similar to a electrical heater element. Free wound power resistors typically require external sources of cooling in order to handle any significant amount of power. Power resistors may be cooled by fans, or immersed in a non-conductive liquid.

Power resistors are designed to operate at maximum power rating in the smallest package size, the core on which the windings are made is a material which exhibits a high heat conductivity. Typical power resistor cores for would type power resistors are; Steatite, Alumina, Beryllium Oxide, or hard anodized Aluminum. . Power resistors are available in various shapes, such as; oval, flat, or cylindrical. Often, power resistors are packaged or integrated with a convection type heat sink.

Wound Resistor Example

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