Resistors Types Overview

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Resistors are available in may different packages and made from different material, the following are some of major groups or categories of resistors;

Metal Film Resistors - are resistors which use a thin film of metal or a metal particle mixture to achieve the desired resistance.

Carbon Film Resistors - are manufactured by depositing a carbon film on a ceramic cylinder. A spiral groove is manufactured into the the deposited film which controls the length of carbon between the resistor leads, and the total resistance.

Wire Wound Resistors - are a resistor which is composed of a tube which has been wound with coils of special resistance wire. These type of resistors are accurate and are capable of dissipating significant amounts of energy or heat.

Photoresisitors - are also called "Photocells". This type of resistors is manufactured from a photon or light sensitive material. By increasing or decreasing the photon exposure to the photoresistor, the resistance changes.

Thermister - are a kind of temperature sensitive resistor. Increasing or decreasing the temperature of the thermister will change the resistance of the thermister.

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