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Solar Cell Projects Electronic Engineers Mini-Notebook

Electronics, Instrumentation Design and Engineering

Solar Cell Projects Electronic Engineers Mini-Notebook
Forrest M. Mims III
52 Pages

Solar Cell Projects Electronic Engineers Mini-Notebook
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This Mini-Notebook explains how you can use arrays of solar cells to produce electrical power to operate small motors, electronic circuits and other projects. It also shows how you can use solar cells to charge storage batteries. This means you can store the power of sunlight during the day and use it to power your projects at night. Solar cells also make great light sensors. This Mini notebook shows how to use solar cells to trigger relays, measure fight, control tones and detect objects.

SOlid State photovoltaic solar cells transform sunlight directly into electricity. They are among the most important sunlight to electricity converters that have been invented.


  • Solar Energy Milestones
  • Energy from the sun
  • The Solar Constant
  • Solar Constant Table
  • How Solar Cells Work
  • Solar Cell Efficiency
  • Silicon Solar Ratings
  • Silicon Solar Cell Voltage
  • Increasing Solar Cell Voltage
  • Silicon Solar Cell Current
  • Increasing Solar Cell Current
  • Soldering Leads to Solar Cells
  • Mounting Solar Cells
  • Advantages of Mounted Cells
  • Installing Cell in an Enclosure
  • Mounting Solar Cells on a Panel
  • Solar Cell Concentrators
  • Parabolic reflector
  • Fresnel Lens
  • Trough Concentrator
  • Box Concentrator
  • Solar Cell Battery Charger
  • Storage Battery Precautions
  • Solar Cell Battery Charger
  • Monitoring a Solar Charger
  • Basic Solar Powered Motor
  • Higher Power Solar Motor
  • Reversible Solar Motor
  • Solar Motor with Battery Backup
  • Solar Activated Motors
  • Power FET Actuator
  • Transistor Actuator
  • Op Amp Power FET Actuator
  • Solar Cell Light Meters
  • Light Meter Voltage Type
  • Light Meter Current Type
  • Solar Cell Radiometer
  • Sunlight Activated relay
  • Light Actuator Relay
  • Break Beam Detection
  • Steady State Beam System
  • Pulsed Break Beam System
  • Pulsed Break Beam Transmitter
  • Pulsed Break Beam Receiver
  • Sun Powered Tone Generators
  • Solar Powered Piezo Buzzer
  • Solar Powered Dual Gate Oscillator
  • Solar Powered 555 Oscillator
  • Solar Powered Clickers
  • Light Controlled Tone
  • LIght Controlled 555 Oscillator
  • High Gain Light Controlled Tone
  • IR Remote Control Testers
  • Piezo and Magnetic Testers
  • Transistor Remote Control Tester
  • Op Amp Remote COntrol Tester
  • Solar Powered NIght Light
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