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Color Spectrophotometers Review and Application

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Color Spectrophotometers Review and Application

Color Spectrophotometer are photometer instruments used in Spectrophotometry to measure the intensity or transmitted light as function of wavelength or color. There are many applications for spectrophotometers, such as measuring the amount of light absorbed by a medium which the light is passing through. Spectrometers are also used to measure the amount of light which have been reflected by an object, these are called reflectance spectrophotometers

There are two major classes of measurement performed by spectrophotometers, these are called single beam and double beam. Single beam spectrophotometers measure the change in intensity of a single light path through a medium. A double beam spectrophotometer compares the light intensity of two separate light paths and determines a ratio.

Color spectrophotometers are available as hand size, remote mounted, desktop, or as a full system integrated unit. Applications are throughout industry including, aerospace, material manufacturing, pharmaceutical, pulp or paper, building materials, chemical, food, glass, paint or coatings, or plastics industries.

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