Iridite Chromate Conversion Coating Finish Mil-C-5541 Specification

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Mil-C-5541F, Chemical Films,  Chromate " Iridite ", (Aluminum)

Chemical Film  coatings are gelatinous films which provide some sort of a barrier medium to retard corrosion on aluminum surfaces and enhance adhesion of subsequent coatings such as paints and primers. Color can vary from colorless to golden - iridescent - brown.  Materials conform to Mil-C-81706. Coatings shall be continuous free from powdery areas, breaks, scratches, etc.  Sometimes called yellow iridite

No dimensional change are effected with Iridite finishes.


Type I – Compositions containing hexavalent chromium.

Type II – Compositions containing no hexavalent chromium.

Class 1A is used as a corrosion preventative film (unpainted) or to improve adhesion of paint finish systems.

Class 3 is used as a corrosion preventive film for electrical and electronic applications, where low resistance contacts are required.

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