Center-Type Grinding Review

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Center-Type Grinding Review

In Center-type grinding, the part is secured between two pointed cone shaped center, as in a lathe. The part may also be secured into the grinding machine using chuck, or a faceplate. The grinding wheel rotates about an axis parallel to the part and is feed perpendicular into the part surface requiring grinding. Additionally, and as required, the grinding wheel is moved parallel relative to the part surface. The part and the grinding wheel are both rotating except in opposite directions.

Center-type grinding is suited for short to medium production parts. Machine and part setup time is less than centerless grinding, however actual machine time tends to be greater. Typical applications for center-type grinding is camshaft bearings, nearing rings, spindles, and pins or other cylindrical parts.

Plunge type cylindrical grinding is only applicable for ground features that are of less width than the grinding wheel tool.

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