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Centerless Grinding Manufacturing Review

Centerless grinding manufacturing is a finish machining process for cylindrical parts. The cylindrical part is located and supported between two opposed grinding wheels and feed at a controlled speed. There are several techniques of centerless grinding.

Centerless grinding manufacturing
Figure 1

Through Feed Centerless Grinding - The part is fed axially through one grinding wheel and a opposed guide or regulating wheel (see figure 1). A support blade positions and keeps the part at the correct location or height. This process is limited to parts that do not have protrusions (head, shoulder, ect.) which would prevent the part from feeding through.

Infeed Centerless Grinding The part is held at a axially static location. The grinding wheel to fabricated to the desired profile which is desired on the part. The grinding wheel is fed into the part to the desired depth and location, then removed. This is similar to plunge type grinding.

End Feed Centerless Grinding This type of grinding manufacturing is for creating a taper cylindrical feature. The grinding wheel and often the regulating or guide wheel is formed with the desired taper. The part is fed into the grinding and regulating wheel until the end of the part contact a stop.

Internal Centerless Grinding - The part is located and supported by three rolls or rollers. One or more of the rollers rotates the cylindrical workpiece at a desired velocity. An grinding wheel is located internally and moved perpendicular into the the material to grind as required. This process is great fro creating very coaxial ring and sleeve type parts.

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