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Electrical Discharge Machining Handbook (EDM)

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Electrical Discharge Machining Handbook (EDM)

EDM, once considered a "non-conventional" machining method, is now the fourth most popular machining method. The first three are milling, turning, and grinding. One of the major reasons for the turnaround is today's EDM machines have dramatically increased their cutting speeds. In today's highly competitive world, it is essential to understand the electrical discharge machining (EDM) processes. Every manufacturer needs to learn and understand the many advantages of EDM. We will be examining the three basic EDM processes: wire EDM, ram EDM, and small hole EDM drilling.

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  • Understanding Electrical Discharge Machining
  • Wire Edm Fundamentals
  • Profiting with Wire EDM
  • Proper Procedures for Wire EDM
  • Understanding the Wire EDM Process
  • Reducing Wire EDM Costs
  • Advantages of Wire EDM for Die Making
  • Wire Edming One-Piece Stamping Dies
  • Fundamentals of Ram EDM
  • Profiting with Ram EDM
  • Ram EDM Electrodes and Finishing
  • Dielectric Oil and Flushing for Ram EDM
  • Reducing Costs for Ram Edm
  • Small Hole WDM Drilling
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