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Jig Boring Jig Borer

Manufacturing Process and Design

Jig bore machine are used for precision hole-location work. To accomplish this the coordinate measuring systems on these machines are designed and manufactured to provide longitudinal and transverse movements that are accurate to 0.0001 in. or better.

These machine typically use ultra precision lead screws to transverse the machining table Other methods include precision end measuring rods and micrometer heads that are placed in reference and parallel to the table movement. Modern jig bore machine are typically multi-axis and CNC controlled.

However, the purpose of all coordinate measuring systems used is the same: to provide a method of aligning the spindle at the precise location where a hole is to be produced. Since the work table of a jig bore moves in two directions, the coordinate system of dimensioning is used, where dimensions are given from two perpendicular reference axes, usually the sides of the work piece, frequently its upper left-hand corner.

When a tight tolerance hole feature is requires, the hole feature is first drilled to a size smaller then precision machined using a boring bar.

Jig Boring Procedure:

  1. Align and clamped the work piece.
  2. Locate the two reference axis of the work piece relative to the tool spindle.
  3. Locate the hole.
  4. Drill and then bore the hole to size.
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