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Powder / Powdered Metal Parts Review 

Powder / powdered metal parts are manufactured by use of pressure and heat to form precision parts and shapes from molds or dies. The process requires a precision mold or casting tool / die which is filled with the metal powder, then the powder is compressed while at ambient room temperature to form or fill out the die shape. Next, this compressed powder shape is removed from the compression press and processed through a high-temperature furnace.

Processing the powdered metal part through the high-temperature furnace is called sintering, and the process fuses the powder metal particles without actually melting the particles. Following the sintering step, the rough as-manufactured part further processed using other manufacturing processes, such as; CNC machining, turning, grinding, etc.

Powder / powdered metal parts are made from materials, such as, lead, iron, or gold, or special powder alloys. Pre-manufactured power material may be mixed with die lubricants or graphite to enhance the performance of the powdered metal part.

Common powder / powdered metal parts in use are gears, bushing, bearing housing, automotive parts, motorcycle parts, electrical parts, sewing machine parts.

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