Torque Wrench Adapter - Extension Indicated Torque Calculator

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This calculator will determine the actual torque applied when using an adapter extending the torque arm is on your torque wrench. See above link for proof and description of variables.

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How to use this calculator:

1. Measure your torque wrench from center of adapter drive to where you will apply force (center of hand location), this is = L.
2. Measure from center of torque wrench adapter drive to center of tool extension adapter, this is = E.
3. Determine desired torque applied to fastener or whatever, this is equal to T.
4. Enter numbers press "Update".

Indicated Torque (Y) is what your torque wrench should read to achieve the desired applied torque.

Equation for Torque Wrench Adapter:
Torque Wrench Adapter Extension Arm Equations and Proof

Make sure adapter is configured as shown on torque wrench illustration.

Preview Torque Wrench Adapter - Extension Indicated Torque Calculator

Units: Keep all your units consistant, e.g. lb-in with in and N-M with M