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Design calculators and equations for tension and compression of a machine feature with reduces section area..

Stress Around Holle Feature

  • Machine components are designed to withstand: applied direct forces, moments and torsion.
  • These loads may be applied gradually, suddenly, and repeatedly.
  • The design load is equal to the applied load multiplied by a combined shock and fatigue factor, Ks.
  • The average applied design stress must be multiplied by a stress concentration factor K
  • Calculated deflections are compared with required stiffness.
  • The material strength is compared with the maximum stress due to combinations of anticipated loads.

As shown below, + P = Tension and - P = Compression

Reference: Design of Machine Elements, by V.M. Faires, published by: The Macmillan Company, New York/Collier-Macmillan Limited, London, England.

Preview: Tension Compression Machine Feature

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