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Reactive hot melt adhesives are solvent free thermoset chemicals that are used to structurally join materials. This type of adhesive usually do not require pre-mixing and is cured by exposure to air or by reacting with water or other liquids.

Reactive hot melt adhesives cure to form a pliable, strong, water, moisture and humidity resistant bond line with very good temperature cycling performance. Many of these adhesives types allow for a semi-flowing by applying sufficient heat that melts the adhesive allowing the bonded parts to be moved and repositioned.

These adhesives may be filled or reinforced with fillers, pigments, or strengthening fibers. Hot melt adhesives should be selected based on their material bonding compatibility as well as environment application. Some adhesives bond well with ceramics, masonry, glass, concrete, ferrous metal, non-ferrous metals, paper, fiberboard, textiles, wood, or plastics.

Reactive hot melt adhesives are also available for electrical and electronics applications which are embedded with copper or silver to provide protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD), electromagnetic interference (EMI), and radio frequency interference (RFI).

Hot Adhesive Gume Applicator
Hot Adhesive Gume Applicator

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