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Specifications Solder Babbitt Lead Tin Zinc

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SAE, AMS ASTM specifications for soft metals of Solder, Babbitt and Lead Alloys and Lead, Tin and Zinc Table

SAE/AMS Specifications for Solder, Babbitt and Lead Alloys
4750 Solder, Tin-Lead, 45Sn - 55Pb, UNS L54950
4751 Solder, Tin-Lead, Eutectic, 63Sn -37Pb, UNS L13630
4755 Solder, Lead-Silver, 94Pb -5.5Ag, Noncurrent, January 1987, UNS L50180
4756 Solder, 97.5Pb -1.5Ag -1Sn, Noncurrent, January 1987, UNS L50131
4800 Bearings, Babbitt, 91Sn -4.5Sb -4.5Cu, UNS L13910
7721 Lead Alloy, Sheet and Extrusions, 93Pb -6.5Sb -0.5Sn, As Fabricated, UNS L53131


ASTM Specifications for Lead, Tin and Zinc Alloys
Lead & Tin Alloys
B 23
White Metal Bearing Alloys (Known Commercially as Babbitt Metal)
B 29
Refined Lead
B 32
Solder Metal
B 102
Lead-and Tin-Alloy Die Castings
B 189
Lead-Coated and Lead-Alloy-Coated Soft Copper Wire For Electrical Purposes
B 339
Pig Tin
B 560
Modern Pewter Alloys
B 749
Lead and Lead Alloy Strip, Sheet, and Plate Products
B 774
Low Melting Point Alloys
Zinc & Zinc Alloys
B 69
Rolled Zinc
B 86
Zinc-Alloy Die Castings
B 240
Zinc Alloys in Ingot Form for Die Castings
B 327
Master Alloys Used in Making Zinc Die Casting Alloys

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