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Confusion calculating electric motor size Don
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Posted by: powerwagon78

07/06/2010, 11:56:41

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Hi all,

I am having some confusing issues on a project I am working on, and found this site and hope that some of you can help me with this. I am considering using a stepper motor (need precise starts and stops) to spin a thin metal disk, but I need to make sure that I pick the correct size motor. The shaft of the motor will point upward, with the disk being parallel to the ground, and a collared bearing around the upper end where the disk meets the shaft. Here's my questions:

1. If I am not overly concerned with the acceleration this spins at, do I just simply need a motor with enough torque to overcome static friction?
2. It would seem I would still need to worry about inertial forces in regards to getting it started spinning as well, but I wanted to make sure?
3. I know that torque is T=rF, but again if I am not concerned with the acceleration, how do I calculate the force (F)? I know the mass of it, and the radius of the disk I want to spin.

Thanks guys, if there are any more questions just ask. I really appreciate it a lot.


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