DC Direct Current Motor Types and Connections

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DC Direct Current Motor Types and Connections

The illustrations below schematically show the different methods of connecting the field and armature circuits in a DC motor. The circular symbol represents the armature circuit, and the squares at the side of the circle represent the brush commutator system. The direction of the arrows indicates the direction of the magnetic fields.

Externally - Excited DC Motor

This type of DC motor is constructed such that the field is not connected to the armature. This type of DC motor is not normally used.

Shunt DC Motor

The motor is called a "shunt" motor because the field is in parallel, or "shunts" the armature.

Series DC Motor

The motor field windings for a series motor are in series with the armature.

Compound DC Motor

A compounded DC motor is constructed so that it contains both a shunt and a series field. This particular schematic shows a cumulatively-compounded" DC motor because the shunt and series fields are aiding one another.

Compounded DC Motor

Compound DC Motor is also called a "differentially-compounded" DC motor because the shunt and series field oppose one another

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